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2017 End-of-Year Giving Update

November 20 2017
November 20 2017


Dear Members and Friends,

As each year comes to a close, it seems we are confronted yet again with a myriad of tasks that occupy our lives, a list that only grows larger with the fast-approaching holidays and the frenetic pace we keep trying to complete it. In such times we are also given one more opportunity to learn that we are still not up to the challenge. The Psalmist speaks, “From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth” (Ps. 121:1-2).

All the same, I wish that I was not such a bad student of God’s graces and his wise instruction. This is one part of the yearly cycle I wish was not so familiar.

Thankfully, one of God’s instructional methods can be the season of Advent, which also occurs at the end of our calendar year. During this season, Christians are called to stop, meditate, confess and wait upon the Lord. Advent reminds us that our provision is not secured by the tasks we check off our list, the techniques we master or the hustle we marshal. Our hope is found outside of ourselves. Advent renews us in the hope that it is God alone—the One who has made all things and who, in Jesus Christ, is renewing all things to himself—who is our help.

Advent provides us with an important season to reflect on the fundamental orientation of our lives. Are we delighting in the Lord? Are we resting in his grace? Do our choices, the ones we made throughout the year, fundamentally align with Christ’s mission?

We cannot faithfully answer those questions without considering our participation in the Church. Because Jesus has so joined himself to the Church, which the Bible calls his body, it is impossible to pursue Christ’s mission without that involvement.

In answering this question specifically for Redeemer, we discover some very encouraging news. As in years past, virtually every area of our congregation’s ministry in 2017 has grown. This includes Redeemer’s giving profile. Through the first 10 months Redeemer has received $1,395,096 in tithes and offerings, which is a 10% increase over last year. This further indicates Redeemer is well positioned to reach all our financial goals. Therefore, as this year comes to a close I want to thank you for your faithful partnership in the Gospel.

Even so, there remains a large gap needing to be filled to accomplish all our targeted objectives. At this time the Session anticipates needing an additional $490,000. While this number is significant, it is only slightly larger than the $458,000 Redeemer received during the same period last year and is proportionally typical for our end-of-year giving patterns.

Nevertheless, it should be evident how mission critical are each person’s financial contributions to Redeemer. So, please sacrificially and prayerfully consider what your year-end giving will be to ensure that Redeemer fulfills all our ministry goals.
Thank you for your faithful participation. May you use this year’s Advent to prayerfully prepare for the return of the Lord even as we faithfully testify to the Light that shines amidst this world’s darkness (John 1:5).

For Christ our Redeemer,







The Rev. Dr. Thomas C. Gibbs

Senior Pastor

  • To find our more about Redeemer's 2017 budget and approach to giving, please click here.
  • If you would like to make your gift online, click here.


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