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2019 Mission Trip Teams Forming Soon

December 18 2018
December 18 2018


Redeemer’s mission trip teams for 2019 will start holding interest meetings in January. Because months go into preparing, fundraising, and learning about the culture the team will visit, now is not too early to prayerfully consider one of Redeemer’s mission trips. Here are stories from mission trip teams Redeemer sent out in 2018.

L’viv, Ukraine

Going to Ukraine was Angel Whitley’s first mission trip. Angel’s husband Jeremy had been to L’viv with a Redeemer team ten years before. When they both committed to go with the 2018 team, Angel says she felt worried about leaving their children behind and all the uncertainty that comes with an overseas trip, but found that that the trip greatly expanded her view of God’s kingdom. 

“It was really good for me to see how big God is, and to see that he works so similarly in all of our hearts all over the world,” she says.

Redeemer team members serve as instructors at an annual English language camp for Ukrainian college students hoping to strengthen their conversational English skills. The camp provides lots of time to build relationships with students and also to work together as a mission team. Angel said the time spent with the team created new friendships with Redeemer members.

“It was great to have this bond with our team that I never would have had before. We talked and shared this experience and got to know everyone so well.”

Redeemer will return to Ukraine in the summer of 2019. Contact Brad Tubbesing for information.

Isaiah 55 Ministries, Reynosa, Mexico

Elizabeth Goedecke says traveling to Reynosa to work in a free medical clinic hosted by Isaiah 55 Ministries opened her eyes to the vast needs on the southern border and the work God is doing through faithful missionaries there. 

“The most powerful thing about clinic wasn’t my advice, it wasn’t the medication I was giving them, but the opportunity to pray with them and to share the Gospel with them. No one refused prayer.”

Reynosa, she says, is an especially accessible trip for those who may not have the time to be overseas for a week, and both medical and non-medical personnel are needed.

“I want people to know that anyone can go,” she says. “If that’s where the Lord is leading you, you don’t have to be fearful.”

Redeemer takes multiple trips to Reynosa each year; the next is planned for February 14-17, 2019. More information HERE.

Peru Mission, Trujillo Peru

Dr. Bernard Hildebrand has been on multiple Redeemer mission trips. Redeemer travels to Peru Mission in Trujillo, Peru, every other year and brings medical personnel to stage free medical clinics and volunteers who can help with Vacation Bible School for children in the community. Hildebrand says he has heard over and over from missionaries that events like these, while brief, attract people from the community who can then be connected to the permanent ministry. 

“The work we do there for three or four days is utterly secondary to the Gospel ministry that’s ongoing day in and day out well after we leave as short-term teams,” he says. “What we do just opens up opportunities for the missionaries on the ground.”

Redeemer plans to take a team to Peru again in 2020.

Photos courtesy of the Redeemer Ukraine mission team, Isaiah 55 Ministries and Peru Mission.


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