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Building Update - March 26

March 27 2014
March 27 2014

Work on the building is coming along nicely. In the Sanctuary, the wood wing walls are being built and look beautiful. The stage has been constructed and will receive its final flooring soon. I’ve also attached a few pictures of the cross that will hang under the arch being constructed.  It looks incredible. Additionally, the final sheetrock and detail work in the Sanctuary is being finished so that they can sand and stain the floor.

On Friday of this week, they will pour concrete into the basement to cover the pool and the new stairwell. Elsewhere inside, work on the mechanical, tile, cabinets, countertops, and ceiling treatments are nearing completion. Those completions will allow the final coats of paint to be applied.

If you have driven by recently, you have noticed only slow progress on the exterior. We had hoped to pour the concrete foundation for the new Entry this week, but the rain has delayed that. Please pray that the ground dries up so that the pouring can happen without delay. Once poured, the framing and building of the Entry should move promptly. But, that must happen before other work on the parking lot and landscaping can move forward. Continue to pray for the safety and excellence of those working on the building. And join us in asking God to prepare our hearts for moving, occupying, and loving the building and the neighborhood around it.


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