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Christianity & Contemporary Culture Conference

Stay tuned for details about the 2018 Christianity and Contemporary Culture Conference: Faith, Science, and the Christian. February 16 and 17, 2018 at Redeemer.

Audio from the 2016 Christianity and Contemporary Culture Conference, Sexuality and the Christian, is available: LISTEN HERE

A special thanks to all of those who attended, supported, volunteered and spoke at the conference. You helped make it a great event.Please feel free to share the conference audio with anyone you think might benefit from hearing a good message on this subject. Below you will find a synopsis of the topics that were covered during the conference.


Today’s world is one where the cultural landscape regarding sexuality has changed dramatically. Lauren Winner, author of Real Sex, notes that in the 1970s cultural attitudes about sex were “radical” and “challenging“, yet, they were “still in flux.” Today, however, “very little is in flux;” things have “gelled.” Whereas four decades earlier, society still had a lingering memory of a traditional sexual ethic, today’s rising generation is one with “no memory of chastity."

Even among Christians, churches and Christian denominations, there is no longer widespread agreement that God gave sex for marriage to be between one man and one woman. Instead, Biblical passages against premarital sex, pornography, abortion, cohabitation, homosexual practice and same-sex marriage are deemed either irrelevant or simply incorrect. How ought the Church and individual Christians respond to this new cultural situation?

In a time when those holding to a more traditional sexual ethic are often viewed as either uninformed or flat-out intolerant, it has never been more important for the church to clarify the Bible’s positive view that sexuality is one of God’s good gifts and to guide Christians in stewardship of their sexuality. At the same time, these cultural shifts have yielded many unwelcome consequences. It is not an exaggeration to say that our churches are now filled with the sexually broken. It’s not enough to clarify positions about sexuality; the church must demonstrate compassion to those most deeply wounded by these new sexual mores.

This year’s Christianity & Contemporary Culture Conference aims to speak to this new cultural situation in order to clarify the Bible’s view of sexuality. In addition to this, it is hoped that the conference helps Redeemer become the kind of healing community God intends the church to be. Finally, the conference seeks to equip us to faithfully engage our neighbor in the public square on these issues in a relevant and Christ-like manner.


scott sauls
SCOTT SAULS - Rev. Scott Sauls is Senior Pastor of Christ PCA in Nashville. Prior to CPC, Scott was a Lead and Preaching Pastor at New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church. He also founded churches in Kansas City and Saint Louis. Scott also taught preaching to students at Covenant Theological Seminary. Scott’s first book was released in March 2015. Scott is married and has two daughters.



Tom Gibbs

TOM GIBBS - Rev. Dr. Tom Gibbs founded Redeemer Presbyterian Church 2002 and has served as its Senior Pastor since its beginning. Before starting RPC, Tom and Tara Gibbs ministered to college students, founding and serving for five years as the campus minister of Reformed University Fellowship at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Tom and Tara have four children.



diane langberg

DIANE LANGBERG - Dr. Diane Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise exceeds 40 years. She speaks internationally on topics related to women, trauma, ministry and the Christian life. Dr. Langberg is a faculty member of Westminster Theological Seminary. She is the author of many books is a columnist for Christian Counseling Today. She is married and has two sons.



John Fitch

JOHN FITCH, M.D. - Dr. John Fitch grew up knowing that he always wanted to be a pediatrician. Dr. Fitch completed medical school and residency at Vanderbilt University and after a year as Chief Resident, he moved back to San Antonio to join his father’s practice. Dr. Fitch is married and has four children. John is a founding member and ruling elder at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, San Antonio.




Please note that on Saturday morning, the parking lot at the River City Credit Union and at Big Brothers & Big Sisters will not be available due their business hours. You will be able to park at the church’s parking lot, behind the Big Brother & Big Sisters parking lot and the other Redeemer designated parking spaces (look for our Redeemer parking signs). Additional parking is available around our building using the pay meters.

FREE EVENT - Nursery Provided for Children ages 4 years and younger




7:00 pm - Welcome
7:15 pm - "Our Cultural Moment" Tom Gibbs
8:00 pm - "Sexuality of the Bible" Scott Sauls
8:45 pm - Q & A


8:30 am - Coffee & Continental Breakfast
9:00 am - "The Church as a Healing Community" Diane Langberg
9:45 am - "Engaging the Public Square" Scott Sauls
10:30 am - Q & A 
11:00 am - Last Remarks & Prayer

11:45 am - 1:00 pm "How to speak to our children about sex" John Fitch

***Boxed lunches are available for purchase but must be purchased in advance here.***