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Christianity Explored

September 09 2015
September 09 2015



The Gospel changes people. That’s easy to forget. The longer you are around the church, the more familiar you become with Gospel things: you know more facts about God, know more of the Bible, hear more sermons, and spend more time with Christian people. That’s a good gift. But, it can make it easy to forget the wonderful reality that the Gospel changes people.

Christianity Explored is not an Introduction to Christianity as a system of doctrine. It is an introduction (or re-introduction) to Jesus. It is a reminder of the transforming power of his Gospel. That is why this is a class for people who don’t know Jesus, as well as those who have been Christians for a long time.

For those who aren’t Christians it will help them see who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means for them. Here’s a clip of the video series to see what you can expect: refreshments and friendly conversation, led by RPC members (Angel & Jeremy Whitley), a short video, and a discussion about Jesus from the Gospel of Mark.

If you are a committed Christian, this class may affect you in a different way. It will remind you of how God transforms people’s lives by his Gospel. Here’s a video clip of what that can look like. It may even give you a greater love for those who don’t know Jesus AND a new desire to invite someone to participate in the class with you. Someday, you might even help host a Christianity Explored group.

So, Christianity Explored (SF I – the first of six Spiritual Formation classes) will begin this Sunday at 10:45 in a downstairs Adult Classroom.

Join us this Sunday.


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