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Communicants Class Coming January 16th

January 07 2016
January 07 2016


On Saturday, January 16th, the Redeemer Children’s Ministry will host our next Communicants Class. You can sign up and find out more information HERE. Please direct any questions you may have to Sarah Beaugh (sarah@redeemersa.org).

One of the questions we often receive from folks who are new to Redeemer is about when and how children begin taking communion. It’s a great question!

In our Presbyterian and Reformed tradition, we baptize children, as well as professing adults, as a sign of their entry into God’s covenant community, the church. Before any baptized person can partake in communion, they must make a profession of their personal faith to our elders. For adults, this happens during their membership interview when preparing for baptism. But for our baptized children, the process looks a little different.

We believe that God has promised to be at work in each of our covenant children, but that often looks different for each child. Generally, we see children in the range of 6-10 years of age begin to express a desire to participate in communion and publically profess their faith.  One of the resources we offer parents to help with this transition is the Communicant Class.

The Communicants Class is a Saturday morning event designed to help children and parents become better prepared for making a profession of faith. We have an interactive curriculum that introduces children to concepts and helps them answer key questions such as: what is the church; who is Jesus; why did Jesus come; what is communion and why do we take it; what does it mean to be a member of the church. There is also a time for parents to gather separately to answer questions about the communion process, discuss their children’s spiritual growth with other parents, and pray together.

When a parent thinks their child is becoming ready to make a profession of faith, we encourage them to attend a Communicants Class together. It will help them train and shepherd their child more effectively. Then, the parent can schedule an interview with Associate Pastor Benjie Slaton (Benjie@redeemersa.org). In that meeting, he'll talk with you and your child about God, the story of Jesus, the message of the Gospel, church membership, and taking communion. Feel free to talk with Benjie if you have specific questions.

After making a profession of faith, children will be publically received into membership with the next scheduled new member class. At that point they will be officially admitted to the Lord’s Table for communion. It is a wonderful process of spiritual growth for our children and it often creates positive memories that help our children to deepen their love for Christ and his church.


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