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February 2. 2014

February 03 2014
February 03 2014


We had a great day back to our CE classes yesterday morning!

If you are wondering what your child is learning in their classes, this is the place to look!  Every week what the children have learned is posted here!


Training in the Pews

Songs we sang: The Golden Rule, Open God's Word, Go Tell It On The Mountain, The B-I-B-L-E, Jesus Loves Me, 10,000 Reasons ("Bless The Lord Oh My Soul")
The Lesson: Taught by Emily Louis   
Genesis 1-2
The kids were read the creation story to them from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  They learned about how God intended things for us, how god actually walked around in the garden with humans. They were asked things they think are awesome (talking here
about beauty).  They were taught about what God created, explaining how we are the
pinnacle of creation.


Christian Education

2yr Olds: taught by Chrissy Fitch & Missy Watts
Lesson 6- Only One God
2Kings 5:1-15 - God Heals Namaan

3yr Olds: taught by Anne & Quincy Davidson, and Elizabeth Bright
Lesson 4- Simeon and Anna
Lesson aim was to know that Jesus is the promised Savior.

Pre-K: taught by Meg Danekas, Angie Folley, & Brooke Waldrep
Lesson 4- Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Lesson focused on knowing that Jesus is our King.

Kindergarten: taught by Aaron & Mary Carter, and Meredith Moza
Lesson 4- Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Lesson focused on knowing that Jesus is our King.

1st Gradetaught by Lauren Browning, Liz Gonzales, & Jeanie Martinez
Lesson 4- King Asa Oveyed God's Word
Lesson aim was to know that God is glorified when we obey his Word, and to trust him for the help we need to stand up to the enemy Satan.

2nd-3rd Gradetaught by David & Beth Dillon, and Alan & Amanda Williams
Lesson 4- Jesus Gave the Promised Spirit
The Lesson focused on learning that the Holy Spirit lives in believers; to ask the Holy Spirit to help us tell others about Jesus; to grow in understanding what it means to be part of God's church.

4th-5th Gradetaught by Jason Crosson, Alex Beaugh, & Jason Smith
Lesson 4- God Forgave David's Sin
Lesson aimed to discover how David's kindness and mercy to Mephibosheth points to Jesus' mercy to us; to understand that every sin is against God; to believe that sin requires confession and repentance and that we can trust God to forgive us.



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