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“Jason and I met in high school, married after college, moved to Idaho where our first child was born and moved to San Antonio when she was two. We were thrilled to find out we were expecting our second child in the summer. Things were right on track for my idea of our ‘perfect life.’

Soon after our move, we were devastated to find out that I had experienced a miscarriage. Three long years of infertility followed. We were members of a different church in San Antonio, but I was lonely and, honestly, angry with God. We began to seek fertility treatment. As we openly discussed this with friends and family, we quickly learned that fertility treatment can be a touchy subject among some believers. I had always lived my life doing ‘the right thing’ and I realized this was because I wanted human approval, not because I wanted to honor God.


Here we were, considering medical intervention to help us have a child and I knew that some would not approve. While wrestling with this decision, we began to hear of a new church called Redeemer. As we visited the church, we appreciated so many aspects of it, but mostly we were blown away by the transparency of the people. There was such honesty and openness about the messiness of life and people were willing to share struggles as well as triumphs. The weight and burden of ‘keeping up appearances’ and pleasing others was lifted.


God used Redeemer in numerous ways during that time. Through sound teaching, rich and real relationships, and godly counsel, God gave me a better understanding of who He is and who I am in Him. I began to feel freedom in my weakness because His grace is sufficient. I felt comfort in my suffering, because He is sovereign and has a plan and purpose for it. And I had joy and gratefulness because I am adopted into the royal family of Christ.


I started feeling comfortable sharing with other women our struggles and began to establish deep and true friendships without worrying about how I was perceived. I connected with other women struggling with infertility and we were able to pray for and encourage one another. Many of these friendships have endured and continue to grow throughout the years. Now, we are a family of 6 and our life looks different than our original plan but we hold to the promise that it is our Savior’s perfect plan for us. We are so blessed that God lead us to Redeemer and love being a part of the Redeemer family.”