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On Spiritual Formation - New Class

January 09 2014
January 09 2014


“The way of Jesus cannot be imposed or mapped — it requires an active participation in following Jesus as he leads us through sometimes strange and unfamiliar territory, in circumstances that become clear only in the hesitations and questionings, in the pauses and reflections where we engage in prayerful conversation with one another and with him.” ― Eugene H. Peterson, The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways That Jesus Is the Way

This Sunday, January 12th, Redeemer begins the second installment of its new series of Spiritual Formation classes — Grace-based Spiritual Formation. In many ways, this spring’s class is the most important in this series. In it, we hope to take seriously what God is doing with us individually and with his church in this world. During its twelve weeks, there will be three main areas of focus: 1) We will consider how the grace of the Gospel radically informs and transforms our lives; 2) We will examine how the emotional and relational processes at work in us and in the wider community of the church can hinder or promote our growth in Christ; and 3) We will consider how practicing spiritual disciplines—bible reading, meditation, prayer, Sabbath-keeping—are essential to any meaningful discipleship of the Lord.

While some of this material will be familiar to some of you at Redeemer, I feel sure that most of it will be fresh and impactful to your discipleship. For most of you, however, this class will be exciting, new and transformative territory. You don’t want to miss it!

The class will begin during the CE hour following 9:30 a.m. worship in the Edison cafeteria.


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