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Spiritual Formation

January 16 2015
January 16 2015


Last week, I was sitting over lunch with a man who simply said, “I just really want to grow.” "Don’t we all,” I thought. I want to grow up, grow in maturity, grow to become more like Jesus. I imagine you desire that as well.

Eugene Peterson writes that “spiritual formation is not something we master.” Instead, spiritual formation is the way we approach all of life. We see God at work shaping our minds, hearts, and actions to look more like Jesus. If you long for more, Redeemer’s Spiritual Formation classes are for you.

You may recall that we offer 6 Spiritual Formation classes which we hope every adult at Redeemer will take. These classes are about formation – becoming something – not an exercise in proving how much we already know. Each class deeply applies God’s word to the realities of our lives. Each one is designed to help you connect with other people as you grow spiritually.

We started two classes this past Sunday that are held during the 10:45 service. Make plans to attend these transformative classes.

SF II – Grace Based Spiritual Formation (10:45 Fellowship Hall)
This Sunday morning class led by Benjie Slaton is designed to be an in-depth look at the manner in which grace transforms and informs our spiritual lives. We will introduce the ideas of spiritual disciplines and look at the vital connection between our emotional and spiritual lives. This class will be extremely useful for both the new believer and the life-long Christian.

SF IV – Ministry and Mission (10:45 Adult Classroom)
How do you help other people come to Christ and grow into mature believers? The answer is neither simple nor abstract. It is lived. This class will be foundational for developing a "mentoring culture" at Redeemer. In this class we’ll begin to provide key terminology and discussion points for translating our understanding of the Christian life into ministry. We desire that everyone at Redeemer would feel confident as they speak with others, build relationships, and share the gospel with others. That confidence is something we desire to see both in evangelism as well as the way we relate to others within the body. Michael Novak, Bryce Waller, and Victor Martinez lead this class.

SF VI – The Practice of Church (Beginning Feb. 8)
How does Redeemer’s theology affect the way that we go about doing ministry in San Antonio? This final SF class, offered on Sunday evenings, is designed to explore Redeemer’s approach to ministry. It seeks to integrate spiritual formation and our broader theological commitments so that they serve the practical realities of the local church. This class is led by Tom Gibbs.



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