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Sunday, April 6.2014

April 07 2014
April 07 2014

We had a great day in Children's Ministry yesterday morning!

If you are wondering what your child is learning in their classes, this is the place to look!  Every week we have what the children learned posted here!


Training in the Pews

Songs we sang: We practiced our Children's Choir song "Hosanna!", Open God's Word, Lord I Lift Your Name on High, 10,000 Reasons ("Bless The Lord Oh My Soul") 
The Lesson: Taught by Brent Sanderson
Luke 14:12-24
The lesson was on the Wedding Feast!  The kids learned that Jesus was telling people a parable about a Wedding Feast where a rich man was throwing a party and invited all of his wealthy buddies.  But his friends were too busy to come!  So he told his servants to go and invite the poor, sick, and needy!  It was THOSE people to really appreciated the party!  Those people were not too self-important and were so grateful.  
Jesus is our KING!  The King that we did not expect because he said things that were so different!  He is a friend to sinners...such as US!


Christian Education

2yr Oldstaught by Chrissy Fitch & Missy Watts

3yr Oldstaught by Anne & Quincy Davidson, and Elizabeth Bright
Lesson 12- Jesus and the Fisherman
The lesson aimed at following Jesus by trusting, loving and obeying him.

Pre-Ktaught by Meg Danekas, Angie Folley, & Brooke Waldrep
Lesson 12- Jesus Returns to Heaven
The lesson aimed at knowing that Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to live with us.

Kindergartentaught by Aaron & Mary Carter, and Meredith Moza
Lesson 12- Jesus Returns to Heaven
The lesson aimed at knowing that Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to live with us.

1st Grade:  taught by Lauren Browning, Liz Gonzales, & Jeanie Martinez
Lesson 12- God's Word Produces Fruit
Lesson aim was to ask God to cause the fruit of the Spirit to grow in our lives.

2nd-3rd Grade:  taught by David & Beth Dillon, and Alan & Amanda Williams
Lesson 12- Paul was Persecuted for the Gospel
The lesson focused on asking the Holy Spirit to help us follow Christ in good and hard times.

4th-5th Grade:  taught by Jason Crosson, Alex Beaugh, & Jason Smith
Lesson 12- God Rescued and Restored His People
Lesson aimed at discovering God's deliverance of his people through Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther; to recognize that God restores blessing to his repentant people, to learn that God persevered his covenant people in times of suffering.


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