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Sunday, January 12.2014

January 13 2014
January 13 2014


We had a great day back to our CE classes yesterday morning!

If you are wondering what your child is learning in their classes, this is the place to look!  Every week what the children have learned is posted here!


Training in the Pews

Songs we sang: This Little Light of Mine, Open God's Word, Iv'e Got the Joy Joy Joy, I Have Hidden Your Word, 10,000 Reasons ("Bless The Lord Oh My Soul")
The Lesson: Taught by Jennifer Blackstone      
2 Kings 22 8:20
The verse they focused on was 2 Kings 22:19 “Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before the LORD…I have heard you declares the LORD”

They were taught that it’s important to read and live according to God’s Word.  Also that, we will still sin, but it is Jesus who calls us to repent and who saves us.  The visual that they had was old cereal boxes that “rebuilt the temple”.  Under it, they found a copy of God’s Word.


Christian Education

2yr Olds: taught by Chrissy Fitch & Missy Watts
Lesson 9- We Love Jesus
Matthew 2:1-12 - "The Wise Men Love Jesus"

3yr Olds: taught by Anne & Quincy Davidson, and Elizabeth Bright

Pre-K: taught by Meg Danekas, Angie Folley, & Brooke Waldrep

Kindergarten: taught by Aaron & Mary Carter, and Meredith Moza

1st Gradetaught by Lauren Browning, Liz Gonzales, & Jeanie Martinez

2nd-3rd Gradetaught by David & Beth Dillon, and Alan & Amanda Williams

4th-5th Gradetaught by Jason Crosson



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