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Sunday, March 30.2014

March 31 2014
March 31 2014


We had a great day in Children's Ministry yesterday morning!

If you are wondering what your child is learning in their classes, this is the place to look!  Every week we have what the children learned posted here!


Training in the Pews

Songs we sang: The Golden Rule, Open God's Word, Go Tell It On The Mountain, 10,000 Reasons ("Bless The Lord Oh My Soul") 
The Lesson: Taught by Laura Hobbs
Luke 19:1-10
The lesson was on Zacchaeus and how he was a "wee" man.  Laura asked the kids what "wee" meant ("short/small") and then talked to them about the other meaning of the word "we" (all of us).  She told them about how just as Zacchaeus was "wee" and needed Jesus to save him, we also are "we" and we all need Jesus to save us!


Christian Education

2yr Oldstaught by Chrissy Fitch & Missy Watts
Jesus is our friend

3yr Oldstaught by Anne & Quincy Davidson, and Elizabeth Bright
Lesson 11- Blind Bartimaeus
The lesson aimed at knowing that Jesus cares for his children.

Pre-Ktaught by Meg Danekas, Angie Folley, & Brooke Waldrep
Lesson 11- Jesus Appears to Two Men
The lesson aimed at believing God's Word that Jesus is our living Savior.

Kindergartentaught by Aaron & Mary Carter, and Meredith Moza
Lesson 11- Jesus Appears to Two Men
The lesson aimed at believing God's Word that Jesus is our living Savior.

1st Grade:  taught by Lauren Browning, Liz Gonzales, & Jeanie Martinez
Lesson 11- We Learn and Follow God's Word
Lesson aim was to name ways that God uses his Word to prepare us to trust, love and obey him.

2nd-3rd Grade:  taught by David & Beth Dillon, and Alan & Amanda Williams
Lesson 11- Paul Followed God's Leading
The lesson focused on discovering why the gospel is powerful; to be faithful in encouraging those who persevere in preaching the gospel.

4th-5th Grade:  taught by Jason Crosson, Alex Beaugh, & Jason Smith
Lesson 11- God Encouraged the Returned Exiles
Lesson aimed at discovering that 1 and 2 Chrinicles supplement the history of God's people recorded in 2 Samuel through 2 Kings.  Also, to believe that God is faithful to his promises.


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