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Ukraine ~ Summer 2018

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If you are interested and want to be a part of this great opportunity, please email Jeremy Whitley with your contact information.

PLACE:  L'viv, Ukraine

DATES:  June 28-July 10, 2018

COST:  Approx. $3600/person (includes airfare, camp scholarships, and lodging/food)

LEADER:  Jeremy Whitley (


  • The camp is located at a small tourist complex in the Carpathian Mountains, about 2 hours southwest of Lviv.  It is actually a small ski resort – 1 run, 1 lift.  There are a few fun trails to hike.
  • The rooms are comfortable but can be drafty and chilly.
  • Summer weather is unpredictable and can change quickly. It can be hot and sunny or chilly and rainy.
  • Each day at camp will be busy, starting with staff meetings at 8 am and moving from one thing to another until 9 pm or much later.
  • Expect very little personal and private time, as you will be around Ukrainian students most of the day. You will be with them in groups, at meals and sharing rooms with them. This camp provides you with some of the best opportunities to talk about Jesus because Ukrainian students are hungry for truth.


  • Thursday, June 28 - Leave San Antonio
  • Friday, June 29 - Arrive L'viv...sleep.
  • Saturday, June 30 - Orientation to L'viv, the Team, and English camp.
  • Sunday, July 1 - Worship and meet students to travel to camp.
  • Camp will run from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Sunday, July 8 - Worship and Tour L'viv.
  • Monday, July 9 - Picnic with students to re-connect after camp.
  • Tuesday, July 10 - Leave L'viv / Arrive San Antonio.

SECURITY:  L'viv is VERY safe. It is on the far western edge of Ukraine, while the unrest is along the eastern border with Russia. There have been little problems in the west, although the subject will certainly come up with students. We feel very confident in your safety and if anything changes politically, we will be the first to communicate that to the team.

ARTICLE: This is a LINK to an article in the Wall Street Journal from this past summer on L'viv. It gives some excellent context for this wonderful city in the current political climate. Here's the first paragraph:

"On a recent evening in Lviv, the sound of a guitar and a Ukrainian singer drifted into my window. I leaned out and looked down: On the street below, two restaurants had occupied a narrow cobblestone passageway. Both were full. I heard clinking glasses, laughter, chatter, the sounds of a thriving city—and further proof, if more were needed, of why so many stereotypes about Ukraine are wrong."

BACKGROUND:  The first MTW team members arrived in Lviv in 2007 understanding the importance of reaching university students with the Gospel and with over 100,000 students here, there certainly is ample opportunity.

Out of this vision, the idea of having an annual English camp was born, as a way to meet and reach students in a culturally-normal/appropriate way (university-student camps are common in the summer). The first Leopolis Green English Camp took place in the summer of 2008, and we’ve had one every summer since then, being able to meet and serve over 350 students over the last 6 years.

Our camp takes place in the scenic Carpathian Mountains, about 2 hours southwest of Lviv.  While there, students get the unique opportunity to practice speaking English with native speakers through an immersive conversational approach. As far as recreational activities go – there are different games, team-building activities, and students are even able to try their luck at different American sports (baseball, golf, football). There are also different hobby, craft, American culture, and self-improvement classes available.

At the camp, we also have time each day to read and discuss the Bible with the students (which they already know before the camp).  Over the course of the week, we seek to cover the essentials of the Gospel using the “Creation-Fall-Redemption” approach.  Though many students from our area have grown up in the local Catholic Church, most have not opened or read the Bible on their own in-depth, and tend to understand Christianity through the lens of what their local culture and church says, rather than through God’s Word.

Finally, the camp serves as an important relational tool. This is the place where most of our relationships with students have begun over the last 6 years. We have a RUF-type ministry that meets during the school year designed to serve the needs of these students who wish to remain connected. There are large-group meetings, small group Bible-studies, service projects, film-discussion meetings, and other events for students who are interested. Over the last 6 years, we are so thankful to see God draw a number of students to faith through a combination of involvement in our English camps and subsequent connection with our student ministry.