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Redeemer's New Website!

November 20 2013
November 20 2013


After many years of needing an update, Redeemer has finally revamped its online presence. I could not be more excited about it! As you might guess, there were many reasons for taking this step. Let me share a few of them with you.

Our website was old and needed serious renovation! When Redeemer first created its website, we repeatedly heard comments about how great it was. Well, let’s just say those comments stopped several years back.

Redeemer wants to share the mission and vision of our church with more people. This new website provides information in standardized, web formats that we hope facilitate a greater number of people visiting the site. Make sure you tell your friends and fellow members to visit the site soon!

Redeemer wants a more interactive presence with those who visit our website. When websites were first created, they were largely informational. Readers held a passive stance. Today, however, websites are interactive tools that facilitate better communication and participation within an organization. Readers expect to act on what they’re reading; they want to participate. For this reason, the new website allows person to sign-up for events and join groups. This information is then instantly shared with a ministry leader, who can then follow-up with an interested person.

Redeemer wants to empower ministry leaders to connect with other members of Redeemer through its online presence. Redeemer’s website is integrated with Church Community Builder (CCB), which is software that now organizes Redeemer’s database of members and ministry activities. For example, CCB allows a community group leader to connect via the website with a community group about an upcoming activity. In this way, we hope to foster deeper and more diverse participation in lots of different ministry activities.


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