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SF III - Faith and Vocation in Dialogue

For many, it seems as though the message of the Gospel feels great for Sunday, but doesn't connect on Monday. Is it possible to have the message of grace impact our vocational life? Is it possible that a Christian in medicine, insurance, the arts, and education can do their job well but differently than others? We’ll explore these questions from the point of view of the biblical story of creation-fall-redemption.

Through study and personal stories from church members, this class seeks to understand the connections between what Jesus has done and how it impacts the reasons for and the ways we work. There will be time for discussion and learning from one another how to better reflect our redemption by Christ in through our work.

Our primary texts, available for purchase on the booktable, will be:

·        Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor

·        Cornelius Plantinga, Engaging God’s World

This class is offered on Sundays in the fall at 10:45 a.m.