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SF IV - Ministry and Mission

How do you help other people come to Christ and grow into mature believers? The answer is neither simple nor abstract. It is lived. This class will be foundational for developing a "mentoring culture" at Redeemer. In this class we’ll begin to provide key terminology and discussion points for translating our understanding of the Christian life into ministry. We desire that everyone at Redeemer would feel confident as they speak with others, build relationships, and share the gospel with others. That confidence is something we desire to see both in evangelism as well as the way we relate to others within the body.

The semester will be broken up into three major sections:

  • Foundations: In Christ Kingdom, we are called to serve.
  • Ministry: As a ministry leader, we must be well eqipped to serve.
  • Mission: Ministry must move beyond the walls of the church to the ends of the earth.

This offering is held in the spring at 10:45 a.m. The class runs for 12 weeks, skipping a few Sundays during the spring, concluding in May. It is led by Matthew Beham, Wil Nettleton and Victor Martinez. We will meet in adult CE classroom B-8.

Each week, we’ll use selections from the following books and each full book will be available for purchase on the book table:

  • Brian Fikkert & Steve Corbett, When Helping Hurts
  • Jerram Barrs, Evangelism
  • Tim Keller, Counterfeit Gods
  • Chuck Miller, The Spiritual Formation of Leaders