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Worship at Redeemer

Worship is central to our being human.  The Bible tells us we were created to glorify God, and in pursuing him, we find our joy.  Our tendency, however, is to look elsewhere for happiness.  Saint Augustine once wrote, "Our hearts are restless until it rests in Thee."  At Redeemer, our worship exists to turn us away from the trivial and artificial objects of worship which have captivated our hearts yet failed to satisfy them, and directs us to the person of true worship- The Living God.

Today's clamor regarding worship styles and content reflects awareness about the centrality of worship in the Christian life.  Nevertheless, the common lines drawn- traditional, contemporary and blended- are limited and do not capture the fullness that should characterize this sacred activity.  While no terms are perfect, Redeemer's worship can be characterized by two words: truth and vibrancy.

To value truth means our worship focuses on the triune God and is driven by the Gospel.  The central purpose of worship is connecting with the true God.  God is the infinite, holy and majestic Creator.  God is also the ever-flowing fountain of grace and mercy.  True worship recognizes his matchless glory and his matchless grace by being powerful and reverent, yet not cold, stiff and impersonal.  At the center of all true worship is the person and work of Christ.  Worship regularly takes us back to the renewing message of grace in Christ found in the Gospel.  A heart that is freed both from the guilt and power of sin is a heart set free to worship the living God.

To value truth also means Redeemer recognizes the significance of the long history of true and vibrant worship by God's people through the ages.  For this reason, we seek to draw upon the rich resources of those who have gone before us by making use of ancient hymns, creeds and liturgical forms.

To value vibrancy means our worship seeks to be in our time and our place.  Redeemer realizes that while connected to the church historic, we are present day Christians.  We must worship in present day San Antonio and its culture.  As a result, we will utilize current idioms, musical styles amd hymns arising in the present.

The emphasis on vibrancy also means our worship seeks to engage the whole person in the community of God's people.  True worship always encompasses a meaningful dialogue between the congregation and God.  God speaks and then we respond.  The order of Redeemer's worship (the liturgy) facilitates that dialogue and creates meaningful participation.

“Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.”

Marva J. Dawn