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Stories of Grace

Tom and Mai-Britt


My name is Mai-Britt. My husband Tom and I first came to Redeemer with our children in 2015. Tom is an orthopaedic surgeon in the Army. Military life brings with it many challenges, and finding a church after a move is one of them.

Shortly after we had our first child, the military stationed us in Germany. There a friend invited us to attend a small Bible church where we experienced true, relational Christian community. Our faith deepened and Christ became more central to our family life. When ...



My husband Rob is in the military, and in 2006 our family was stationed in San Antonio.  We learned about Redeemer because a friend of a friend worshipped here.  At our first service, members invited us to lunch and connected us with other young military families to help us navigate our move.  We visited several other churches as well, but we continued to gravitate back to Redeemer. It’s a place where you can come as you are, with your messy life. We found solid teaching and intentional ...



"I was adrift, heading for a fall and didn’t even know it.  At the time I believed that through my own personal strength I could do anything, handle any situation, and I surely didn’t need Christ in my life. After all, that is what I was taught growing up, and that is what had worked for me up to that point in my life. Fortunately for me, God’s grace can work on the hardest head and in the hardest heart.

My wife and I were relatively new to the San Antonio area, and were invited by friends to ...



“I have been a member at Redeemer since the early days of the church but in the past two years God has really used Redeemer to promote serious change and growth in my life. Growing up, I never truly understood God’s grace and have lived my life with good principles instilled by my family that hard work pays off. I never wanted my disabilities to interfere with my success and I have always believed that controlling my environment would allow me to succeed, which it did for many years.

Early in ...



“Jason and I met in high school, married after college, moved to Idaho where our first child was born and moved to San Antonio when she was two. We were thrilled to find out we were expecting our second child in the summer. Things were right on track for my idea of our ‘perfect life.’

Soon after our move, we were devastated to find out that I had experienced a miscarriage. Three long years of infertility followed. We were members of a different church in San Antonio, but I was lonely and, ...



"I first came to Redeemer because my life was in crisis and I needed refuge from the storms. I was going through an extremely difficult time and needed Godly counsel, biblical direction and Christian fellowship. My first impression upon visiting Redeemer’s Sunday morning service was that I was welcome, I was safe, and I was among friends.

Always having been really involved in the church and ministry, I knew theology and understood my own sin. But, going through a messy divorce made me realize ...