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"I first came to Redeemer because my life was in crisis and I needed refuge from the storms. I was going through an extremely difficult time and needed Godly counsel, biblical direction and Christian fellowship. My first impression upon visiting Redeemer’s Sunday morning service was that I was welcome, I was safe, and I was among friends.

Always having been really involved in the church and ministry, I knew theology and understood my own sin. But, going through a messy divorce made me realize that I believed I was immune to the truly harsh realities of sin. I never thought I would be in a situation like this and I had no idea how to handle it. I wanted to pretend it didn’t exist. I wanted it all to go away and for God to just “fix” it. I mean, if we are all sinners and sin is everywhere, we just live with it, right? Wrong.

In the midst of the brokenness I found Redeemer and counsel that lovingly forced me to ask hard questions and seek God’s will. This church gave me a lifeline and pointed me to Christ when I thought it was too dark to see anything. I would despair, Redeemer would point me to Christ. I would rejoice, Redeemer would point me to Christ – His grace, His power, and His love for me. Over and over again the church cared for me and provided for me in abundant ways.

Some knew what I was going through so that I could be loved, listened to, provided for and protected, but amazingly, my story was kept private and I was anonymous in a good way. Redeemer actually helped me find a new job in a new city so that I could start over and continue to heal. It is so hard to leave the life long friends I have made and such an amazing servant-hearted community. However, without question, I am steady and back on my feet due to Redeemer’s patient love and consistent counsel. I have rarely ever felt quite as humbled and as grateful to receive a gift - the gift of being part of the Redeemer family.

I am so thankful that God placed me at Redeemer, even if only for a short time. The leadership, teaching and friends were exactly what I needed to point me back to my ultimate faith and trust in Christ."