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Blog Archives: October 2017

Happy All-Hallows'-Eve!

October 31, 2017
Tom Gibbs
Tonight communities all across America will celebrate Halloween. Tara and I will also be on our front porch greeting the neighborhood children with the traditional candied treats. As Christians though, how ought we to respond to this holiday? The word "Halloween" is simply a contraction for All Hallows' Eve. The word "hallow" means "saint," — ”hallow” is just an alternative form of the word "holy" ("hallowed be Thy name"). All Saints' Day is November 1, and celebrates the victory of Christian saints in union with Christ. The observance of ...

Why Catechisms?

October 05, 2017
Sarah Beaugh
This is Part 1 of series on helping your children grow into faith from Redeemer Children's Ministry Director Sarah Beaugh. Read Part 2 here. As we settle into the Christian Education schedule for the fall, parents will notice that we are putting a bigger emphasis on catechisms in our Children’s Ministry program on Sunday mornings. If catechisms are new to you or even if they are not, you may wonder why we are using this particular tool in our program more. The English word "catechize" simply means to teach biblical truth in an orderly ...

Sin City

October 04, 2017
Tom Gibbs
Las Vegas may be called “Sin City,” but nobody could have anticipated or wanted the evil that unfolded this past Sunday in what is now America’s deadliest mass shooting. In my post yesterday, I encouraged us to follow Jesus’ example and weep over the toll violence takes. Death is a thief, and it robs our humanity. Thankfully, our hope in the victory of Jesus Christ is secure, even when the worst tragedies strike. We serve a risen Savior who has already begun to turn back the tide of death. Even so, how ought we to understand these sorts of ...

"Jesus Wept." John 11:35

October 03, 2017
Tom Gibbs
Yesterday America woke up to the news about yet another tragic and inscrutable mass shooting—this one more deadly than those that preceded it. As a pastor I’ve wrestled with how to respond because of the sheer enormity of it all. What words really explain? What words speak to us comfort and hope? Hard questions, but we must try to answer them. Surprisingly perhaps, the latter question’s answer may be more readily at hand. As believers in Jesus Christ, Christians understand death as an enemy. Violence used in the service of death, ...