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Blog Archives: August 2016

New Sermon Series!

August 31, 2016
Tom Gibbs
That phrase is common enough across San Antonio, even with the onslaught of 21st century secularity. I’ve said it. You’ve said it too. But what do we mean? What is meant by those who confess this faith in Jesus Christ? It may not be immediately obvious, but the answer to that question is far from clear. Ever since the Enlightenment of the 17th century, Descartes’ bifurcation of the head and the heart has plagued humanity. It was Descarte who, seeking to determine what is irreducible about the self, declared “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think, ...

CE Check In-- New Procedures

August 19, 2016
Sarah Beaugh
We at Redeemer have been called to care for our children and to honor the name of Christ. To this end, child protection policies have been developed to ensure a safe, loving environment where the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified and enjoyed by His people of all ages. We recognize that God has called us to exercise wisdom and prudence in our care for His children. It is our privilege to serve our King in this way. Starting on the first day of Christian Education classes, August 28th, children in our CE program (pre-K through 5thgrade) will be ...

CE is just around the corner!

August 08, 2016
Sarah Beaugh
We’re excited to be kicking off another school year of CE for our Pre-K through 5th grade students! Sunday, August 21st marks our kick-off Sunday. We will have a short Meet-and-Greet time with teachers for students to visit their classroom. Parents, please stay with your children during this time.  Families can see where each student will be and meet the teaching teams for each class. The Open House time will run from 10:45-11:15. Our kick-off luncheon will begin at 11:30. Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity!