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Building Update - May 1

May 01 2014
May 01 2014


As you have seen by now we have decided to set our move in dates.  May 25th will be our first worship service and reception in the new building!  Be on the look-out for information and updates related to the details of preparing for that exciting day.

In terms of the on-going progress, there are lots of fun things to report.  The inside of the building is the furthest along.  In the Sanctuary the floors are being stained this week and the final wall coverings will be installed next week.  The rest of the upstairs is having carpet put down and final paint following behind it.  Additionally, the doors are being installed this week.  When you walk around, it looks like a finished building.

Downstairs the work is a little behind that pace.  They are still leveling out floor imperfections and finishing the detailed ceiling clouds in the foyer and Great Hall.  Carpet and final paint will be installed in these areas over the next two weeks.  Additionally, the bathrooms and kitchen will get countertops and appliances.

Most of the major construction is happening outside.  The steel frame of the Entry is complete and the roofers are hard at work.  The concrete stairs and new curbs are being poured and the parking lot is being prepared to receive a new surface and striping, but that will likely be the last thing to happen before we move in.  Lots of folks have asked about what is to happen with the red stripe.  Good question.  After the concrete has been poured around the Entry parking lot, crews will pull out the remaining plants.  At that point, we will powerwash the entire building, removing years of grime and discoloration.  It is likely that after being in place so many years, that the red paint will still faintly show through, so we will select a paint color that closely matches the exterior concrete color.  After the powerwashing, the landscapers will plant the beds.  The site will be undergoing a wonderful transformation.

Keep watching for more updates as our move in comes closer.


Benjie Slaton

Redeemer│San Antonio



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