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October 13 2014
October 13 2014


I’m excited to introduce a new online tool for our congregation.  It’s an interactive community group map.  This map is designed to help folks in our church find a smaller, local place to belong.  As our church grows, we want to continue to find ways for each of us to participate in the depth of community life.

The map is simple to use – each group has a pin with an approximate meeting location along with other important details.  We hope you will use it for yourself and also help your friends who are new to our church get connected.

But, the map may also raise a few questions:

  • How do I join a group? You can email a leader directly or email me and I can help you find a group that will fit.  Below the map, you’ll find an information form you can fill out to reach me.
  • Since many groups are already meeting, is it too late to join? Most groups have plenty of space for new people, although from time to time groups will stop accepting new members to help the group develop cohesive relationships.
  • What should I do if none of the groups seems to fit me? The best thing to do will be to contact me through the form.  We have new groups starting, and we’d love to help you find a spot.

By participating in a CG, you are helping our core value “The Church – Its People and Community” become a reality.  Each group will challenge you to get to know other and be known by them; to share your life with them; and to serve them. JI Packer says it best, “Fellowship is an expression of both love and humility. It springs from a desire to bring benefit to others coupled with a sense of personal weakness and need. It has a double motive: the wish to help and the wish to be helped, the wish to edify and the wish to be edified. It is thus a corporate seeking by Christian people to know God better through sharing with each other what individually they have learned already. We seek to do others good, and we seek that others will do us good.”


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