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Building Update - April 21

April 21 2014
April 21 2014

There is lots to report from the work on the building.

Remember that the Building Wishlist Shower will be hosted this Sunday afternoon at Erin Chase's home.  Please take a moment to check out the wishlist and buy a few things to fill the building.  Also, consider sending this link to friends and family who might also like to contribute.

Despite the fact that much of the city has shut down for Easter and Fiesta, the work at our building continues to move steadily along.  We have seen very few delays in the last few weeks and it shows.

The most dramatic work currently being done is outside.  With the foundation poured and approved, the steel erection for the new Entry began this morning.  Driving by, you can see how tall and imposing a structure this will be.  In addition, crews have been clearing our the scrubby trees and other growth that will be replaced by a more thoughtful and beautiful landscaping.  New curbs being cut and the entire parking lot will be getting reworked with new plant beds, areas for trees, and parking layout.

On the inside, there are a few areas where floors are still being worked on (such as the Sanctuary and Great Hall) and the upsatairs bathrooms continue to get a facelift with new tile and fixtures. Most of the countertops and interior glass is set in place. So, much of the work at this point is simply cleaning out the dust and dirt in order to put in final paint and carpet.

Please continue to pray for this process.  We have been blessed with a relatively safe and on-time project.  Pray that the Lord would give us favor with the workers as they strive to get us in the building on time.  Pray that the funds for the Wishlist would come together.  Pray that all our preparations to move into, fill, and use the building would go smoothly.  And pray most of all that God would be glorified by our work in this process and that he would use it to reach many people with his gospel.


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April 22, 2014 4:45 PM

It's really coming along and looking great!


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